The government of Zimbabwe is now issuing its first biometric passport which has advanced security features and is fully compliant with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards.

The Zimbabwe Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage began issuing e-Passports through the Civil Registry on 18 January 2022. The e-Passports became operational effective 7 February 2022.

Passport offices around the country gradually gearing up with the equipment, training, and personnel necessary to produce the new documents properly and efficiently. The transition to producing the new passport is ongoing.

On 28 January, the Official Makombe Passport Office page on Facebook featured an announcement that stated, “The Minister hereby notifies that henceforth the Government will cease the issuance of the current passport and in place thereof will be issuing electronically readable passports (e-passports).”

Zimbabwe’s e-Passport is fully compliant with ICAO standards

Key features of the e-Passport

Some of the key characteristics of Zimbabwe’s new passport include:

  • Electronic front cover with a chip.
  • A polycarbonate title page with UV features.
  • A polycarbonate data page with security features, including UV.
  • Stitching along the spine (binding edge) in a special sewing thread in three twisted wires: green, yellow and red (in colours of the flag of the Republic of Zimbabwe).
  • A laser-perforated series of numbers and “THE REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE” embossed on the back cover.
  • Images on the inside pages that chronicle a story about Zimbabwe’s rich cultural heritage and major tourist attractions. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the artwork in the document.

The fee to obtain an ordinary e-Passport with a normal 7-day turnaround time is US $100. An emergency or express passport, issued 24 hours after an individual applies, costs US $200.


Biometric Update

The Official Makombe Passport Office page (Facebook)

Embassy of Zimbabwe, Ottowa Canada

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