This month, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe introduces a new ZWL100-dollar banknote, the country’s highest denomination bill in circulation. This occurs at a time when inflation is skyrocketing in the African country and industry and economic experts press for official dollarisation of the economy. 

The $10, $20, and $50 Zimbabwe dollar banknotes in the same series are currently accepted as legal tender. Zimbabwe’s $2 and $5 banknotes were “decommissioned” due to rising inflation.

Design and security features

The primary colour scheme of the new banknote is yellow and brown. The note, which measures 156 x 66 mm, is printed on a composite (paper and polymer) substrate.

Both sides of the $100 banknote feature:

  • A star-shaped, see-through register showing a Zimbabwe Bird looking to the side.
  • A watermark which, when held up to a light, shows the Zimbabwe Bird and “RBZ”.

$100-Dollar Zimbabwe Banknote, Front Side

The face of the note features:

  • An image of the Chiremba balancing rocks, which is the logo of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. (This image appears on the face of all denominations in the series.)
  • Raised (tactile) hash marks on the left and right edges, to assist the visually-impaired.
  • A latent image showing the denomination.
  • Kinetic StarChrome red-to-green windowed vertical security thread with demetalized “RBZ 100.”

$100-Dollar Zimbabwe Banknote, Back Side

The back of the note features:

  • An impression of the Great Zimbabwe Monument and the Baobab Tree.
  • A shiny gold band showing the denomination of the note; the iridescence becomes visible when the note is tilted.

Watch the video below for another look at the new $100 dollar Zimbabwe banknote.


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