WorldReach works with national governments to help them: Improve the security and facilitation of immigration and border management services, including ...


WorldReach Software helps ensure traveller safety and security worldwide through its systems for government immigration, border management and consular organisations as well as individual travellers. WorldReach supplies consular, passport/e-Passport and e-Visa/Electronic Travel Authorisation software and fosters best practices used by more than 3000 daily users in over 950 sites worldwide. Both our PassportReach and VisaReach product suites (including our Secure ETAª application) are built on the same common core functionality covering enrolment and entitlement for secure travel documents. Incorporating their Know Your Travellerª (KYT) identity verification process innovation, WorldReach can remotely verify that the traveller is who they say they are by combining smartphone reading and comparing the travellerÕs e-Passport secured facial image with a live selfie, including e-Passport validations to detect fraud. Intimately familiar with the international technical standards for secure travel documents, the ICAO Document 9303, the companyÕs staff are active participants in standards setting bodies for identity documents and biometrics.

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