The Canadian passport, in development for almost a decade, has been completely redesigned from cover to cover. Passports in the new design will be issued starting this summer. Depending on when citizens apply for a passport, they may receive the new or the former version. Existing passports remain valid until the expiration date. 

Several improvements have been made to the passport, including:

  • A redesigned cover
  • A polycarbonate personal data page, which is more durable and resistant to water damage
  • Laser-engraved personal information on the data page
  • Visa pages with art highlighting Canada’s natural beauty in all seasons
  • Upgraded security features to better fight fraud.

A more secure passport cover

The new passport cover has been enhanced with details that make it easier to confirm the validity of the document while keeping the holder’s information secure. The new details include:

  • Metallic foils in the shape of a maple leaf
  • A debossed maple leaf on the back.
  • Color-shifting ink in the shape of a deer and snowflake on the inside of the front cover and, on the opposite page, a visible passport chip and antenna.

Upgraded security features to fight fraud:

  • Datapage: A Kinegram that changes colors and appears to move when viewed from different angles. The same page also has the holder’s photo and date of birth that appears and disappears, varying with the viewing angle.
  • On the visa pages, some images of Canada’s people, landscapes and wildlife only appear under ultraviolet light.

Download our exclusive infographic for a detailed view and comments from our document expert:


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