Just as medical science has advanced quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic, so too has technology such as digital health passports—even as “safe traveler” requirements are being debated and decided. While the medical knowledge of COVID continually evolves, health passports have also evolved by adding new features and functionality. A good example of this is the VeriFLY mobile health passport.

When the VeriFLY health passport launched late last year, the “health” portion of the app consisted of a picture of the holder’s negative COVID-19 test, and a health declaration completed by the passenger. Now that COVID vaccinations are being administered around the globe, American Airlines has enabled Covid-19 vaccination record verification to the VeriFly health passport app. Before a trip, flyers can securely upload their CDC vaccination card, which will then be verified and processed before departure.

Another new benefit for VeriFLY app holders: American Airlines has opened expedited check-in lanes for travelers using VeriFly at airports in several cities.

American Airlines has been using VeriFly to validate passengers’ Covid-19 testing records and other documentation for select destinations since late last year, and many of its partners—including Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Qantas—also are using the app, Business Travel News reports.


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