The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan began issuing a new higher denomination of 200,000 Soms on 15 July 2022. Before the new note was launched, the 100,000 Soms banknote was the highest denomination in the series.

The banknote is printed on paper (cotton) and measures 152 x 69mm. A protective varnish is applied to the substrate both before and after the note is printed.  

The numbering on the note consists of two letters of the Latin alphabet and a seven-digit number, printed horizontally on the right side and vertically on the left side. All text on the note is Uzbek. 

Visual Design and Security Features

The visual theme of the new banknote is the “Great Silk Road” and the ancient history of the Ferghana Valley in Uzbekistan. The front side depicts Khan’s Palace, caravan routes on a map of Uzbekistan, and a coat of arms. The obverse side illustrates an ancient archaeological monument, a double-headed snake, and a ceramic bowl.

Front Side

Back Side

The key security features are:

  • The front side of the note incorporates a 4 mm RAPID® Detect machine-readable security thread with demetalized UZB.
  • Also on the front side, horizontal, tactile (raised) green lines at the left and right edges are intended to help vision-impaired consumers identify the value of the banknote.
  • On the back side, a Spark® Live element is incorporated in the pomegranate image; the color changes and shifts when the note is tilted and viewed at different angles.


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