On 14 June 2021, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan started issuing new, upgraded banknotes in denominations of 2,000 Sum and 20,000 Sum. The banknotes are printed on security paper, but with some security upgrades from the previous issues.

The main security features of the upgraded 2,000 Sum banknote are:

  • OVI variable ink. As the viewing angle changes, the denomination colour changes from gold to green.
  • A purple tactile element, located on the right and left edges, is designed to help vision-impaired people determine the value of the denomination by touch.
  • At the bottom of the banknote, against the ornamental background pattern, a latent (hidden) image of the abbreviation “UZ” is printed, visible when tilted at a certain angle.

The main security features upgraded 20,000 Sum banknote are:

  • New micro-optic security thread (3 mm width).
  • A combination of unique colour security threads with a 3D-effect.

Artistic design elements echo the Great Silk Road

The artistic theme of the revised banknotes is the “Great Silk Road” and the history of the ancient city of Bukhara and the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Here are some key artistic elements of each banknote:

On 2,000-Sum note: Magenta and light green are the predominant colours of this denomination. Some of the artistic elements featured are:

On the 20,000-Sum note: The predominant colours of this denomination are blue, purple, and brown. Some of the artistic elements featured include:

  • A local “camel” watermark.
  • An architectural monument, “QO’YQIRILGAN QAL’A,” an ancient structure erected in the IV century BC.
  • The Coat of arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan (shown in blue).

Previous issue banknotes of 2,000 sum and 20,000 sum in circulation will be accepted at face value by all businesses without any restrictions.


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Central Office of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan

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