Croatia has opened its borders for all third-country citizens that intend to enter the country for business, tourism, or other personal reasons, including Americans.

Despite the EU-wide entry ban on US citizens and the citizens of the majority of third-countries, Croatia – which is a non-Schengen EU Member State – has opened the borders to all EU/EEA nationals and individuals holding permanent residence in the EU/EEA countries, and more, Schengen Visa Info reports.

According to the US Embassy in Croatia, all third-country nationals have been eligible to enter the Balkan country since 10 July.

“All other foreign nationals, including US citizens, may enter Croatia for business, tourism, or other pressing personal reasons if they provide relevant proof,” its statement said.

The Embassy says Croatia has also lifted mandatory self-isolation and quarantine restrictions for individuals entering the country.

The Embassy did, however, remind US travellers that the Department of State advises citizens to not travel abroad due to the global impact of COVID-19.

According to the World Health Organisation’s latest statistics, the USA has had 3,43 million confirmed COVID-19 infections, with 138,000 deaths reported.

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