The United States consulates in Germany and Austria have resumed limited visa services after having been closed due to COVID-19.

Schengen Visa Info reports Germany has resumed processing limited categories of non-immigrant visa applications in Berlin and Frankfurt, while Munich has returned the processing of F, M and J visas.

According to the consulate, US citizens and residents of Germany will be given priority.

Third-country nationals who do not reside in Germany are not yet allowed to apply for a visa.

Students of Schengen Zone countries who obtain a valid F and M visa may be allowed to travel directly to the US.

Prospective students who need a F or M visa will, however, be required to make an appointment for a visa interview.

“All F and M travellers must have a current I-20 form that complies with all Student and Exchange Visitor Program requirements; it is not necessary to have any in-person instruction,” the statement of the US consulate in Berlin states.

The US consulate in Austria has also resumed processing the following: F visas, M visas, J visas, E visas and B1 visas.

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