On December 15, 2022, the Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBB) put into circulation an upgraded version of the $10 banknote, making it the latest addition to the family of CRISP Evolution Bahamian banknotes which the bank has been phasing in since 2016.

The new note shares many of the same characteristics as the previous notes in the series.

Material and measurements

The new $10 note is printed on a Durasafe® (composite paper/polymer/paper) substrate, which is a more durable material than the paper (cotton) substrate of the previous version. This upgrade is consistent with the current $50 and $100 banknotes.

The dimensions of the new $10 note are 156 x 67 mm.

A closer look at the visual design

While the visual design is the same as that of the previous $10 banknote, the coloration has changed. The predominant color of the new note is grey, which more clearly distinguishes it from the $1 banknote. The new note also has touches of yellow, green, and red in the design.

Front Side

Back Side

The portrait of Sir Stafford Sands has been slightly enhanced, as have images of the yellow elder flower (on the face of the note) and the lighthouse and flamingos (on the back).

Security features to fight fraud

The new $10 incorporates several security features that are difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate. The security features include the following:

Both sides:

  • Sand dollar as a registration device
  • A watermark with portrait of Sir Stafford Sands, currency symbol and denomination.

Front side:

  • Three horizontal, black tactile (raised) hashmarks at the left and right edges to help visually impaired consumers identify the denomination
  • SPARK® Live butterfly (changes color from green to blue).

Back side:

  • RAPID® HD Detect windowed security thread. Depending on the viewing angle, the strip displays a sand dollar (a flat sea urchin) and the number “10.” Both are repeated and appear to be moving.
  • The RAPID® security strip is visible inside a Viewsafe™ window, a one-sided window cut out of the top paper layer of the substrate.

To see how the upgraded $10 note fits in with the family of CRISP Evolution Bahamian banknotes, watch this video: 


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