An investigation has revealed that criminals are selling resources to create a British passport for just £2.30, as UK cybercrime communities continue to thrive.

The UK’s Express reports fraudsters give customers the chance to download templates from Dark Web marketplaces, where prices range from £2.30 to £20.

According to business intelligence firm Flashpoint – which carried out the research – these templates allow “customers” to fill out their own personal details in the DIY passport.

These criminals reportedly also sell fake documents that can be used to apply for UK passports and driving licences.

Express reports this is far cheaper than other European countries, with templates for French, German, Spanish and Dutch passports ranging from £35 to £40.

Cloned credit cards and packages of enough personal information “for a criminal to steal and profit from a victim’s identity” are reportedly available for around £670.

Authorities say these revelations are “very concerning” and “show the extent to which ‘professional’ criminal gangs can make their products available and offer a serious threat to a nation’s ability to ensure that only people entitled to be here are here.” 

Ian Gray of Flashpoint says cybercrime communities “continue to thrive.”

“Passports are protected by numerous anti-fraud measures such as certain card stock, ink, perforations, patterns and more.

“Bypassing these security measures is difficult. But it is a challenge many operating within cybercrime communities have accepted, and some are finding success.”

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