Uganda has upgraded its ePassports by switching from a paper-based document to a polycarbonate substrate, according to an announcement by the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs on March 30, 2023.

Like the previous version of Uganda’s ePassport (issued since 2019), the upgraded polycarbonate document contains an electronic chip. The new passport meets the criteria set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the East African Community.

The polycarbonate ePassport possesses anti-fraud features, including:

  • Greater durability
  • Lower risk of damage and tampering
  • Superior protection of personal data, which is engraved within the deeper layers of the document.

Streamlining travel

Uganda citizens who possess the upgraded ePassport will experience more efficient border passage at e-gates for self-clearance, and automated boarding pass issuance thanks to the features built into the new document.

Previously issued ePassports shall remain valid until their stated expiration date or “or until the leaflets are finished.”

As of March 30, more than one million polycarbonate e-passports had already been issued to applicants.


Uganda Ministry of Internal Affairs

Matooke Republic

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