The Post Office in the UK has teamed up with Yoti, a digital ID software company, to expand into the identity services market by offering a suite of online and in-branch products. The products include a free app that will combine customers’ personal data and biometrics to create a secure, reusable ID on their smartphone, as well as in-branch services for customers who don’t have a smartphone or who prefer to confirm their identity in person.

  • The new app is due to launch this spring.
  • The new in-branch services will be tested in a pilot phase starting in July at about 750 Post Offices.

This development is aligned with the UK government’s plans make it faster and easier for people to verify their ID using modern technology and to create a process that customers will trust as much as they trust presenting their passports or bank statements.

Customers can also use the Post Office and Yoti app when dealing with other online and in-person businesses. This, in turn, allows those companies to use the ID verification services for fraud detection, E-signatures and customer authentication services, using secure biometric face matching and liveness detection.


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