Trinidad and Tobago’s new polymer banknotes – which are set to be released later this year – have a fresh new look.

The Caribbean nation’s central bank has revealed the updated concept designs for the new polymer banknote series.

Loop reports that the elements of the updated designs are consistent with the TTD 100 polymer notes which were replaced by the old cotton-based notes.

According to the news site, the TTD 50, TTD 20, TTD 10, TTD 5 and TTD 1 notes feature a clear window and can be seen on the front and back of the note. Other features shown are the nation’s Coat of Arms and the national flag.

While the bills retain some of the elements of the cotton-based notes that are currently in circulation, there are some notable changes.

All of the banknotes will still have the Twin Towers in the design, but they have been moved from the centre of the note to the left side. 

The local birds featured on the notes that are currently in circulation will also be maintained: the Red Capped Cardinal (TTD 50), the Hummingbird (TTD 20), the Cocrico (TTD 10), the Blue crowned mot-mot (TTD 5) and the Scarlet Ibis (TTD 1).

The Pointe-a-Pierre refinery on the right side of the back of the TTD 1 note has been replaced with an image of the Red House.

The image of people shopping for fresh market produce on the right side of the TTD 5 bill has been slightly adjusted.

Both the TTD 20 and TTD 50 notes feature three elements as opposed to the two on the designs of the lower quantities. Both bills will still have the images in the right corner, but have now been moved over to the centre. The local birds now show up on the right side of the notes’ designs.

The old cotton-based bills will continue to be legal tender at least until the end of 2021. The new notes will circulate together with the existing notes during the demonetisation period.

It has been previously announced by the Central Bank that some denominations of the new notes will be available from next month.

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