The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has unveiled draft designs for their new set of updated polymer banknotes, Coin Update reports.

The revised new design will resemble the $100 banknote issued in December 2019.

$100: Issued in December 2019, these notes feature an image of the bird of paradise — Paradisaea apodo.

The front of the banknotes will feature bold, clear numbers indicating the value of the notes as well as a variety of native birds, including the bird of paradise.

$50: The red-capped cardinal — Paroaria gularis

The back of the notes will depict an image of the building of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Additional information regarding the reverse will be revealed soon.

$20: The hummingbird — Amazilia tobaci

Although there is no concrete schedule for the issue of the new banknotes, the Central Bank indicated that some denominations may be available from September 2020.

$10: The cocrico — Ortalis ruficauda

All banknotes in circulation from $1 to $100 are in the announcement of the Central Bank.

According to the announcement, the current colour combinations assigned to each value will be retained, as well as their current dimensions.

$5: The blue-crowned motmot — Momotus momota

The Central Bank plans to circulate the new polymer bills with the existing paper bank notes as legal tender at least until the end of 2021.

$1: The scarlet ibis — Eudocimus ruber

The first polymer banknotes, issued in 2012, were put into circulation due to the 50th anniversary of the independence of Trinidad and Tobago.

Coin Update reports the new notes also have improved security functions, such as:

  • tactile imprint
  • micro-perforations
  • micro letters
  • shimmering metal print
  • updated security thread applications

For more information about the coins and banknotes issued by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, visit their website.

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