A new e-passport for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic was successfully launched last month, according to Biometric Update and a LinkedIn article by IT project Analyst/Architect Zakhid Abdykaimov, who works with State-run enterprise Infocom which coordinated the project.

High-level security features

The new 34-page passport fully complies with ICAO requirements, and the components of the passport correspond to the security level EAL 5+. The new passport contains many protective elements of the first, second and third levels.

The data page is the most secure, with laser engraving as the main method of personalization. The main data page and the third page of the passport are personalized using inkjet printing.

The datapage security elements include:

  • Highly secure multilayer construction
  • Customized security screen design
  • Unique security design
  • Mixed security inks
  • Two-color guilloche design
  • Special security features within DOVID
  • IR Split
  • Linewidth modulation
  • Security design overlapping portrait area (+tactile)
  • Clear Window combined with MLI
  • Anti-scan/anti-copy feature
  • Non-standard type font,
  • Tactile laser engraving
  • Color Shifting Ink (OVI)
  • 3D design element with guilloche structures
  • “A-B-C” rainbow printing,
  • Embedded partially-metalized hologram
  • Second image of holder inside MLI
  • Modulated micro text
  • Several 3-d level security features
  • Laser engraving
  • Matte surface effect embossing
  • Positive and negative surface embossing
  • UV fluorescent rainbow printing
  • UV fluorescent pigments inside one visible rainbow color
  • UV bi-fluorescent printing
  • Personalized laser engraving positive/negative microtext.

Альтернативный текст для этого изображения не предоставлен(images Zakhid Abdykaimov IT project Analyst/Architect – State enterprise Infocom under SRS under Govt KR)

Artistic elements celebrate Kyrgyzstan

Zakhid Abdykaimov says the new passport’s artistic elements illustrate Kyrgyzstan’s nature, flora, fauna, national traditions, musical instruments, monuments, history and even poetry. He writes,
“Like a mini guide, it introduces each region of the country. Even the concentric waves emanating from the coat of arms on the cover of the passport symbolize the call to visit our country to see all its beauty.”

A collaborative effort

Kyrgyzstan’s new e-Passports were produced through a collaboration of several companies and the government. Mühlbauer provided passport booklets; Entrust (Datacard) contributed personalization equipment; and overall project coordination was provided by the State Enterprise “Infocom” under the State Registration Service (SRS) under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.



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