Almost daily we hear of new digital health credentials being deployed or developed around the globe. Examples include ICC, CommonPass (by Common Trust), the IATA Travel Pass, and VeriFLY. Travelers—and the travel industry—are understandably eager to facilitate safe travel during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and these digital tools make it possible for travelers to prove they are travel-ready by incorporating documentation of vaccination or negative Covid-19 test results.

During the technological race to develop digital health credentials, a coalition of
organizations from various sectors is calling for a thoughtful pause in the process, Biometric Update reports. The Good Health Pass initiative is made up of ID2020, Evernym, Mastercard, Airport Council International (ACI), Commons Project Foundation, Covid Credential Initiative, Hyperledger, IBM, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Linux Foundation Public Health, Lumedic, the Trust Over IP Foundation and others. The initiative aims to establish a framework for vaccination passports and digital health pass systems for pandemic recovery to ensure they are interoperable, privacy-preserving, and user-controlled.

The open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative is intended to provide a blueprint for digital health pass systems to help restore global travel and boost the global economy. As is already apparent, it’s unlikely that a single solution will be implemented universally; therefore, credentials will have to work across institutions and international borders to be effective.

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