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The Compliance Register was founded in 1995 as a financial services industry group dedicated to assisting senior managers and Ôcompliance professionals with their professional needs, i.e. all compliance officers and staff, money laundering reporting officers, anti-financial crime and other relevant professionals. They have long recognised that compliance cannot be effective without the support of senior management. It is therefore their policy to encourage CEOs and MDs to take an active interest in compliance matters and to register as members.
The members come from a wide range of financial sectors (in the UK and internationally) ranging from banking, asset management, securities trading, corporate finance, venture capital, life assurance, pensions, financial advisers, general insurance and mortgages.
Annually, the Register provides an active professional education programme consisting of conferences, workshops and seminars which have been developed by practitioners for practitioners. They also hold The Compliance Register Platinum Awards for Exemplary Service to Compliance and Regulation which gives recognition for excellence and raises money for selected charities.
For further information please contact the Secretariat on +44 1908 322450 or visit their website:

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