In a previous article, we reviewed the benefits a business gains by crafting a Disaster Recovery Plan (DR) to implement following a Cyberattack. Aside from a fast recovery, such a plan also improves cost efficiencies and the scalability of resources. Other benefits, however, reach beyond the bottom line. In fact, when a business has a solid Disaster Recovery Plan in place, employees and customers benefit as well.

Let’s take a look at these additional benefits:

  • An increased level of employee productivity

Believe it or not, a good Disaster Recovery Plan can actually improve the morale of your workforce, which will in turn increase their productivity levels. For example, when creating a DR, you will be assigning your employees various tasks that they must do in the face of a Cyberattack. Knowing that they are making a positive impact in this fashion will only strengthen employees’ belief that they are contributing to the greater good of the company, rather than simply doing their daily tasks.

  • A happier customer base

Given the rise in Cyberthreats and their variants, customers are becoming much more cautious about opening any emails they receive, the links they click on, and even the websites that they visit. For example, although Phishing remains one of the oldest attack vectors in existence, many Cyberattackers are still using it to covertly hijack the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of unsuspecting victims. Your customers want to know that your company is taking every possible precaution to protect their PIIs.  By demonstrating to them that you have a solid Disaster Recovery Plan in place, you will only bolster their confidence in, and loyalty toward, your company. They will feel safe and secure knowing that, in the unfortunate event that your business suffers  a Cyberattack, there are plans in place to prevent their PII from falling into the hands of a Cyberattacker.


Overall, this series of articles has examined the importance and benefits of having a solid Disaster Recovery Plan in place.  In a future article, we will examine the specific components of a Disaster Recovery Plan. 

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