As a global leader in the field of secure synthetic papers, PPG Industries has earned the trust of governments that specify TESLIN¨ substrate for high-security credentials such as e-Passports, national identification cards, social security cards, and driving licences. Contributing to the success of these programmes, TESLIN substrate is a unique microporous material that delivers inherent security and rugged durability in identity travel documents and other secure credentials.
Used in the majority of biometric passports issued worldwide, TESLIN substrate remains the ideal choice for producing e-Passport inlays, as it is formulated with a microporous matrix that cushions and protects electronics to significantly extend document service life. TESLIN substrate also offers tamper-evident security by permanently distorting if alteration is attempted.
Due to superior flexibility and bondability capabilities, TESLIN substrate is also the perfect enabling material to meet the high security and durability requirements of government (e-)ID card programmes.
Used in more than a billion secure credentials worldwide for more than 25 years, TESLIN substrate is a cost-effective material solution, with proven field performance for state-of-the-art high-security document programmes.
Learn more about TESLIN substrate and their covert, forensic and programme-specific substrate options at www.teslin.com.

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