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palm vein technology

Hyosung upgrades ATMs with palm vein technology

Hyosung has integrated its self-service ATMs with Fujitsu palm vein biometric authentication technology to increase security. The South Korean company says by integrating Fujitsu’s PalmSecure...

Transforming transportation with technology

The widespread prevalence of technology has permeated the airport business, especially when it comes to transaction handling. Everyday transactions have become more efficient thanks...
Excellence in Holography

Excellence in Holography Award winners

An advanced optical anti-counterfeiting solution for banknotes has won at the Excellence in Holography Awards 2019, organised by the industry trade body International Hologram...

Five Famous Cyberattacks Against Critical Infrastructure

When one thinks of a Cyberattack, what often comes to mind is the damage done to Web servers and databases. In those kinds of...

3D enrolment improves face recognition

Although 2D face recognition technology has improved recently, the quality of 2D images captured is often still poor, due in part to the sensitivity to capture...

What are the key features of a modern electronic passport?

Over the last years, more and more countries decided to switch to polycarbonate for the data page of their new electronic passports. The main...