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singapore id

Singapore to include facial tech in digital ID

Singapore has made a deal with iProov to provide face verification technology used in the country's national digital identity system. ZDNet reports the UK firm’s...
ghana election

Biometric voting in upcoming election Ghana

Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) is officially moving forward with its biometric voter registration drive. The West African nation is expected to go to the polls...
portland ban

US city passes extensive facial recognition ban

Portland, Oregon, has banned the use of facial recognition technology by local government – including the police – and businesses such as retail stores,...
id cards

Cyprus ready for biometric ID cards

Cyprus' Civil Registry and Migration Department says the country’s citizens will receive a new version of identity cards, Security Document World reports. According to the...
american airlines

American Airlines’ app to scan passports

Passengers travelling with American Airlines can now check-in using the airline’s app to scan the chip on the back page of their passports and...
facial recognition

Russian schools get facial recognition cameras

facialFacial recognition-equipped cameras will reportedly be installed in over 43,000 Russian schools, The Moscow Times reports. Cameras have already been installed in over 1,608 schools...

Additive manufacturing

Printing has traditionally been a key technology in the production of secure documents, but it continues to produce new innovations, such as additive manufacturing....

Micro-optics technology for ID applications

In 2006 an overt banknote security feature, called MOTION™ was introduced. This feature, which incorporates micro-optics technology, has subsequently been approved for use in...

Premium ID documents

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Identity Documents

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. This document aims to outline the ongoing work and the various...