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sweden digital currency

Sweden tests e-krona digital currency

Sweden has unveiled a pilot programme for the e-krona as a possible digital alternative to paper cash. Swedish central bank Sveriges Riksbank says in recent...

Hybrid Banknotes: A Bridge Between Cash and Crypto

As central bank digital currencies (CBDC) become reality and the use of cryptocurrencies for payments becomes more mainstream, how will these new digital monies...
banknote security

New banknote security feature

Crane Currency has launched a new micro-optic security product for protecting low denomination, high-demand banknotes. The banknote provider says BREEZE provides central banks with an...

Lithuania launches blockchain coin

The Bank of Lithuania has officially issued its digital collector coin LBCOIN, making it the world’s first digital coin issued by a central bank. Finance...

DICE – the banknote of the future

Since time immemorial, cash has determined our social and economic life, with all its related risks and problems, such as enabling crime. Apart from...

Premium banknotes

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Identity Documents

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. This document aims to outline the ongoing work and the various...