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Coronavirus ‘Travel Pass’ App Pros and Cons

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on around the globe, mankind is racing to develop tools to manage and share COVID-19 data and updates. Contact...

Rwanda waives visa fees for various visitors

The Rwandan cabinet has waived visa fees for a number of travellers. This new regulation applies to citizens of the member states of the African...

Current situation Dutch Passport Act

On 9 June 2009 the Dutch Upper House of Parliament approved a new Passport Act without a vote. The proposal was, however, the topic...
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Italy’s travel ban lift criticized

Christophe Castaner, Minister of Interior of France, says Italy should not have decided to reopen its borders next month without first consulting with some...

8 countries get visa exemption extension from Vietnam

In order to reach the selected goals for tourism in Vietnam, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), confirmed that until the end of...

Biometrics & The Zero Trust Framework (Part 1)

Introduction: Our Nemesis - The Password Since the advent of technology, there has been one common denominator that has been a great impediment to further...