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Polymer banknotes: An environmental disaster

Plastic banknotes are almost three times worse for the environment than their paper equivalents. UK Credit Lender Moneyboat's research claims this is the case despite...
new peso

New 100-peso despite coronavirus

Banco de México announced that the new 100-peso banknote will be released during the second half of the year despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The...

A challenging step in the right direction

As an increasing number of banknotes are now being sorted outside the central banks, locally or in industrial sorting centres, efficient detection of forged...
Australian bushfire

Australian burnt banknotes can be claimed

Victims of Australia's bushfires can have banknotes burnt in the blazes replaced. Nine News reports the cash can be replaced by putting the destroyed banknotes...

Security by Design: Security Design & Ink Opacity

Joel Zlotnick, Jordan Brough and Troy Eberhardt Reverse engineering of document artwork is a critical prepress activity for sophisticated counterfeiters that print by offset lithography...

Premium banknotes

Acceptance & Use of Older-Design U.S. Federal Reserve Notes

The United States is a relatively young and progressive nation, compared to other countries around the world. When it comes to cash, “old” U.S....