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Zimbabwean dollar

Zim asks: “Where’s the money?”

Zimbabwe’s new banknotes failed to arrive, leaving banks in confusion and customers frustrated. "Where's the money?", The Herald newspaper asked in an online report. According to...

China’s e-currency will create ‘horse race’

China’s Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) cryptocurrency project is set to create a “horse race” when it is launched, according to news reports. The central...

False Alarm: Fake 500-Rupee Banknotes

A recent social media post caused great confusion by warning that Indian 500-rupee banknotes with the vertical green security stripe near the picture of...

Former Rolls-Royce boss now head of De La Rue

De La Rue has announced their new chief executive as the troubled banknote printer seeks to reshuffle its business to deal with a series...

Nigerian banknotes cost country ‘billions’

The Central Bank of Nigeria says N176.9 billion (almost $500 million) was spent to print banknotes between 2015 and 2018. A breakdown of the amount...

Premium banknotes

New Banknotes, Passports to Portray the UK’s New King

A change to the head of the British monarchy is always a carefully choreographed process, especially after a reign as long as that of...