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Avoiding amorphousness

Since the start of the century, the dramatically increased need for adequate border protection and control as well as for effective identification procedures in...
bahamas banknote

Bahamas issues new banknote

The Central Bank of The Bahamas has released its new BSD 5 banknote, the seventh instalment in its CRISP Evolution family of banknotes. Consistent with...

Republic of Slovenia Introduces a New, Biometric ID Card

The Republic of Slovenia launched a new national identity card with biometric security features on 28 March 2022. Total Slovenia News reports that the new...

Nevada Driver’s License: New Design, Advanced Security Features

This month the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards that boast a new visual design and state-of-the art...

Zimbabwe releases new banknote denominations

In order to increase physical money supply, curb cash shortages and improve transacting convenience, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) will soon introduce a...

Biometric Technologies of the Future: Earlobe Recognition

Expert author Ravi Das has, in previous articles, described DNA recognition and Gait recognition as physical biometric technologies of the future. Here, he presents...