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Kyrgyzstan introduces new biometric passport

Kyrgyzstan will release a new biometric passport in April 2021. State Registration Service Vice Chairman Tilek Batyrkanov stated this at a press conference. The passports will...

Why do passports only come in four colours?

Passports around the world are only made in four colours: black, blue, red and green. There are no official rules or regulations governing what colours...

Costa Rica launches “Biometric Bicentennial Passport”

Costa Rica has redesigned and upgraded its passport to meet the world's highest biometric standards. It started issuing what is being called the “Biometric...

Korea’s Next-Generation e-Passport to Debut Next Month

On December 21, 2021, Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will start issuing more secure and durable next-generation e-passports. The announcement was made during a...

Technology Protects E-Passports From Quantum Computer Attacks

Ground-breaking security controller technology from global semiconductor developer Infineon Technologies protects the biometric and demographic data contained in an e-passport from both conventional and quantum computer...

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What are the key features of a modern electronic passport?

Over the last years, more and more countries decided to switch to polycarbonate for the data page of their new electronic passports. The main...