As of April 15, 2023, anyone who orders a driving license in Switzerland will receive a new generation, high-security license in credit card format (CCF). The new design meets the highest international and European standards for identity card security.

Unlike previous versions, the new driving license is made of polycarbonate (similar to the Swiss identity card). The personal data on the new Swiss driving license remains unchanged from the previous format (issued since in 2003).

Switzerland’s new driving license

Front Side
Back Side


Key security features of the new Swiss driving license

The most significant security features of the new driving license include the following:

  • Personalized data is laser engraved onto the card.
  • Some tactile (raised) security features can be detected by touch.
  • When the license is tilted, the front side displays alternating images of the issuing authority and the license holder’s date of birth.
  • The back of the license shows a different color gradient of the crosses, depending on the viewing angle.
  • A QR code is laser engraved on the back of the license; this code can be read with a smartphone. It contains certain personal data that also appears on the front of the card.
  • UV images on front and back sides of the card.

Paper or plastic? Are the existing driver’s licenses still valid?

The previous credit card format (CCF) driving license, made of hard plastic and issued since 2003, will remain valid without restriction. However, starting April 15, 2023, anyone who wishes to exchange their old license for the latest version will be able to do so.

The old blue, paper driving license (issued before 2003) will become invalid at the end of January 2024. Individuals possessing such licenses will need to exchange their old license for the new version before that date.




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