Switzerland has a new passport, issued by the Swiss government starting October 31, 2022, featuring a fresh new design that blends aesthetics with cutting-edge security and functionality.

The Swiss passport was last redesigned about 20 years ago. Then, when biometrics were introduced in 2006, the Swiss passport was adapted to the new security standards. 

The 2022 Swiss passport series includes several variations: the ordinary passport, diplomatic passport, service passport, the travel document (refugee passport), and the refugees passport (for foreigners living in Switzerland). All passport variations have a biometric chip on the cover.

An emergency passport in the new design will be issued at a later date and will replace the temporary passport of the previous series.

Visual design highlights Switzerland’s natural beauty

The inside pages of the new passport depict Switzerland’s natural beauty. According to a spokeswoman from Switzerland’s Federal Office of Police, the designs “invite you on a virtual journey through Switzerland’s 26 cantons, from the Alpine peaks down to the valleys.” Also new in this passport series is a page for visas of the “Fifth Switzerland,” which refers to the community of Swiss nationals living abroad.





State-of-the-art security features help prevent fraud

The new Swiss passport is a highly secure ID document and includes, among other features: Optically Variable Ink (OVI) and a clear window in the Bio page, SPARK® (inside cover), and see-through register in the visa pages.







                                                                                                                         Datapage UV


All previously issued Swiss passports shall remain valid until their expiration date.
A redesigned national identity card is expected early next year.


Switzerland Federal Office of Police



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