The Central Bank of Suriname has added two new denominations to the country’s family of banknotes. The new notes, SRD 200 and SRD 500, were put into circulation on March 23, 2024. The bank has added these new Surinamese denominations to give consumers the ability to easily pay cash for large purchases using fewer banknotes. This will result in safer, more efficient cash transactions. However, the bank explains that the introduction of larger denominations does not increase the country’s money supply and thus will not affect the exchange rates.

A closer look at the new denomination notes

The new denomination banknotes are printed on a Hybrid ADDvance® composite substrate and measure 140mm x 70mm. The visual design on the face of these notes is very similar to the banknotes in the current 2010 Series.

The SRD 200 Banknote

The visual designs of the two new banknotes are similar. The front side of the notes depict the Central Bank building in Paramaribo, the capital of the Republic of Suriname, and a plant. On the back side are landscapes that represent the country, and a tree.

The SRD 500 Banknote

Security features

Many of the security features on the new, higher denomination notes are similar to certain features found in the 2010 Series notes. These include:

  • Intaglio printing
  • Latent images
  • See-through registers
  • UV features
  • Watermarks

Security features have become increasingly sophisticated since the 2010 banknotes were produced. Thus, the new SRD 200 and SRD 500 notes include some advanced security features such as:

  • A security thread RollingStar® i+ Cube
  • A varifeye® colour-change patch

Special features to aid visually-impaired consumers

Both new banknotes contain raised (tactile) features that allow visually-impaired consumers to detect the note’s denomination by touch.


Central Bank of Suriname

MRI Bankers’ Guide to Foreign Currency


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