The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has issued new, upgraded $50 and $100 banknotes. The new notes have been in circulation since December 28, 2023.

The traditions of this island paradise are depicted in the colorful new notes, which also contain some cutting-edge security features.

The new banknotes are printed on a paper substrate. The $100 note measures 151mm x 67mm; the dimensions of the $50 note are 146mm x 67mm.

A distinctive design-and-security feature

A distinctive new feature embedded in the new banknotes enhances both their visual design and security: a Nexus™ 18mm wide micro-optic stripe that runs vertically from the top to bottom edge on the face of the banknote. The vivid stripe contains the numerical symbol of each banknote, as well as the acronym “CBSI” and images of a shark and crocodile (elements of the Solomon Islands Coat of Arms).

 Solomon Islands new $50 banknote


 Solomon Islands new $100 banknote

Visual designs capture the flora, fauna, and traditions of the island paradise

The traditions and flora and fauna of the Solomon Islands are depicted in the new notes’ visual design, as described below.

$50 note:

Front: Basket weave designs; bird carvings; and Solomon Islands flag and coat of arms.

Back: Butterflies; flowers; lizards; shells; plants and a spear.

$100 note:

Front: Solomon Islands flag and coat of arms; and fish.

Back: Coconut and coconut shell necklace; palm trees; and coconut harvesting. 

Additional security features

In addition to the micro-optic stripe, the following security features make the notes difficult to counterfeit:

  • Watermarks containing a falcon head, electrotype CBSI and cornerstones are visible when the note is held up to a light.
  • The words “SOLOMON ISLANDS” are in a raised (tactile) print that can be detected by touch.
  • A registration device in the form of a stylized bird.


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