Veridos, a leader in integrated identity solutions, announced its SmartTravel solution as the latest addition to its innovative portfolio.

As part of a comprehensive border control solution, SmartTravel offers an effective and secure digital visa application and issuance process, Security Document World reports.

According to the report, the web-based solution aims to simplify the e-visa and electronic travel authorisation application process, by making it more efficient and convenient for both authorities and travellers.

One advantage of SmartTravel, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, is that a visa applicant will no longer need to visit a visa centre.

The main feature of the solution is a website where travellers can apply for an e-visa or electronic travel authorisation, obtain information about the procedure, and check the status of their application.

Via the website, travellers can submit documents such as passport scans, invitation letters, and vaccination certificates, and make electronic payments.

The applicant will then receive the e-visa by e-mail.

All e-visas and electronic travel authorisations are issued in compliance with the ICAO standard on Visible Digital Seals for Non-Electronic Documents with an electronic signature.

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