The Republic of Slovenia’s new biometric identity card won the prestigious award for 2023 “Best New National ID Card” in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East at the High Security Printing EMEA™ Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE on March 8, 2023. The quality of entries for the Best New National ID Card category was so high this year that the expert jury decided to make this a joint award. Thus, Slovenia shared the award the United Arab Emirates.  

Through this prestigious annual international award, independent experts recognise outstanding achievements and technical excellence in identity or travel document solutions, promoting examples of best practice in the region.

Slovenia’s new identity card is a joint achievement of the Slovene Ministry of the Interior, the Slovene Ministry of Public Administration and CETIS and a recognition of the collaborative effort necessary for the creation of an extremely complex document that combines cutting-edge technology, sophisticated security design and the highest requirements of international standards.

Learn more about the Republic of Slovenia’s new biometric ID Card.

Slovenian ID Card (regular light)   

Slovenian ID Card (UV light)

The new ID card is an important step towards modern digitalised services in the Republic of Slovenia, as it enables secure and reliable electronic identification and signature.


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