Slovenia will be launching new ID cards with biometric security features in 2021.

Total Slovenia News reports that the biometric identity card needs to be introduced on 2 August 2021 in line with the regulation on strengthening the security of identity cards of EU citizens.

These new security features on the card will include biometric data, and labelled with the EU mark. It also will require from those applying for the new card to provide two fingerprints, as is the rule for biometric passports. The fingerprint requirement will apply to persons aged 12 or older, and the application also needs to feature a photograph.

The new ID card will have a chip with the holder’s face and fingerprints and will feature data for electronic identification and electronic signature, which would allow its holders to use e-commerce services.

Citizens whose current identity cards will still be valid on 2 August 2021 will not be required to replace them before they expire. This also applies for the personal identity cards without the expiry date, which are issued to persons who turn 70.

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