Slovakia’s electronic ID scheme has been approved by The European Commission (EU).

According to the Slovakian Interior Ministry’s website, this scheme entails that citizens will be able to use their electronic ID cards in all EU members states.

The Slovak Spectator reports that the EU has approved the notification of the eID scheme at the highest level of security.

All European member states should now recognise Slovak eID cards and electronic residence permits for foreigners, the ministry said.

Slovakia will become the 12th EU country to have completed the notification process. It will join Germany, Italy, Croatia, Estonia, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

The evaluation began in April and the assessment came to its end in September. It was coordinated by Denmark and experts from France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.

The Interior Ministry is also updating Slovakia’s eGovernment system so that foreigners will be able to use Slovak e-services as well.

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