On March 11, Registers Iceland began issuing a new national ID Card for all Icelandic citizens. It is the world’s first travel document made using portrait (vertical) format, pursuant to the new ICAO specification for TD1 documents. This travel document is valid within the countries of the European Economic Area as it contains a contactless chip, eliminating the need for a passport. Iceland’s first-ever ID card accommodates groups unable to provide identity documents such as a driver’s license. 

The new ICAO standard gives countries the choice of using the vertical or horizontal portrait format. The vertical portrait in this document allows for a larger picture of the cardholder, facilitating easier comparison with the cardholder to better detect impostor fraud.

See the document and its security features up close and read our Document Experts comments: 

Older cards issued before January 1, 2013 expired on December 1, 2023. Cards issued from that date until March 1, 2024 will expire on December 31, 2025.  


 Registers Iceland 

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