Today the Royal Bank of Scotland will release new £50 banknote featuring Flora Stevenson, a woman who helped children from poor backgrounds get an education during the Victorian era. She also campaigned for the education of girls and women and pushed for universities to admit female students, a BBC report explained.

Front side design and security features:

  • Portrait of Flora Stevenson, her name and dates of birth and death
  • Background picture of Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh
  • Hero quote “What Miss Stevenson did not know about education was not worth knowing”
  • Textile and dye elements
  • Holographic foil stripe featuring the RBS logo above the numeral “50” with Ladies Bedstraw flowers in the background
  • Image of a Victorian toy that only shows up under UV light

Reverse side design and security features:

  • Two Ospreys, one holding a fish
  • An excerpt from the poem ‘Nettles’ by Neil Munro. The first two lines in the visible layer “There’s deer upon the hillside, There’s sheep along the glen,”
  • A Midge
  • Holographic foil stripe featuring the RBS logo above the numeral “50” in reverse with Ladies Bedstraw flowers in the background
  • Background imagery of Ladies Bedstraw, a botanical used in the dyeing process
  • Royal Bank of Scotland name and logo

Celebrating Flora Stevenson and her work on the banknote may very well inspire modern-day girls to advance their own education. The Flora Stevenson note is the newest in a series of polymer banknotes celebrating influential women in Scotland’s history.



Royal Bank of Scotland

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