Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has added new features to its mobile app that make it quicker and easier for customers opening a new bank account at a branch to prove their identity.

“The RBC Mobile App now uses artificial intelligence to check a client’s government-issued identification against the security features and characteristics of driver’s licences and passports,” the bank explains.

NFCW reports the app also uses near field communications (NFC) so clients can tap the electronic chip on newer versions of passports.

“When a client scans their ID through the mobile app on their phone, that information is automatically entered into their account profile on an advisor’s computer, immediately providing clients with a stronger connection between the branch and the app,” RBC says.

“Once a part of an account profile, the information is used and protected in the same way that RBC treats all personal information.”

According to the bank, the new identity verification solutions also reduce the need for clients to share more information about themselves than is necessary when opening an account.

“RBC only captures and retains the necessary information required for opening and operating a personal deposit account.”

“Now, clients will be more in control of their personal information, and be assured that their identity and accounts are secure from the moment they join RBC,” the bank added.

RBC says its new “world-class technology” will better protect clients from fraud caused by identity and document forgery.

NFCW reports the service is currently available at 100 RBC branches in Ontario and Quebec and works with both Android and iOS devices.

Later this year, RBC plans to launch mobile account open by evolving this capability to allow clients to take a live selfie to further verify their identities against the government-issued ID on file.

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