The Republic of Slovenia launched a new national identity card with biometric security features on 28 March 2022. Total Slovenia News reports that the new card conforms to the regulation on strengthening the security of identity cards of EU citizens.

The original deadline to launch the new card was 2 August 2021, but pandemic-related supply chain issues caused delays, resulting in the late introduction of the document.

Slovenia’s official press office, STA, reports that In the first three days after the government introduced the new ID card, more than 20,000 Slovenians submitted applications for the document.

 Security features

Some of the key security features on the new Slovenia ID card include:

  • A chip containing the holder’s fingerprints and photograph
  • Biometric data
  • The EU mark
  • A QR code and other elements to enable e-commerce transactions.

Individuals applying for the biometric ID card must provide two fingerprints and a photograph. (The fingerprint requirement applies to applicants aged 12 or older.)

Biometric ID card serves multiple purposes

The new ID card will allow its holders to prove their identity, but it will also allow them to:

  • Access online government services.
  • Store electronic signatures.
  • Use it as substitute for their government health insurance card.

Validity varies by holder’s age

Once issued, the new ID card will be valid according to the following age schedule:

Citizen age                          Term of Validity

Under 3 years                         3 years

3 to 18 years                           5 years

18 to 70 years                        10 years

Over 70 years                         No expiry

Slovenia’s national ID card was last redesigned in 1998.


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