The Estonian government approved a bill of amendments to the Aliens Act, which includes the plan to set up a digital nomadic visa.

The Baltic Times reports that the bill would ensure that people, whose job does not depend on where they are located at the time, to work in Estonia on the basis of a visa.

According to the newspaper, Estonia is one of the first countries in the world to allow digital nomads to apply for a visa for remote work.

The Baltic Times states that digital nomads are people “engaged in web-based employment, for example IT, finance or marketing, while simultaneously travelling around various countries.”

According to the minister, Estonia is well-known for its innovative technological solutions and is an attractive destination for digital nomads on an international scale, but the current regulation of labor migration does not take digital nomads into account.

“In order to come work in Estonia, they must have an Estonian employer and as a result, digital nomads often come to Estonia with a tourist visa, although they also wish to do remote work while staying here,” Helme said.

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