The Central Bank of the Philippines will soon put into circulation a new 1,000-piso banknote made of polymer. The bank describes the new 1,000-piso polymer bill as “smarter, cleaner, and stronger than the current paper banknote.” The bank outlines the benefits of the polymer substrate as follows:

  • The new note uses advanced technology which strengthens protection against counterfeiting. 
  • Polymer banknotes can also be cleaned and sanitized more effectively than the paper banknotes.
  • Producing polymer banknotes requires less water, energy, and other resources, making the process more environmentally sustainable.

The bank will begin releasing the new note in phases, starting on 18 April 2022.

Visual design: Philippine eagle replaces World War II martyrs

Media outlets that attended the official unveiling of the new banknote were struck by the fact that the new note features a Philippine eagle in place of the three Filipino World War II heroes whose images appear on the corresponding paper banknote. The switch from war heroes to the national eagle drew mixed reactions from social media users.

Front side new P1,000 note  

Back side new P1,000 note

Other visual elements featured in the note include the sampaguita, south sea pearl, Tubbataha Reefs natural park, and T’nalak weave design. The new note measures 160 X 66mm.

Sophisticated security features

The 1000-piso polymer banknote includes numerous security features to guard against counterfeiting. Many of these security features are only possible in a polymer (not paper) substrate. Security features include:

Front and back sides:

  • Vertical clear window containing optically variable devices such as the seal of the Republic of the Philippines; the logo of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; an iridescent blue figure; and a tactile stylized flying eagle.
  • A small, clear window with embossed
  • 5-mm vertical (printed) security thread on either side of the note when viewed against the light. The denomination value and “BSP” text appear in repeated series.

Front side:

  • Denomination in green numerals, vertically aligned, with rolling bar effect when note is tilted from side to side (SPARK feature)
  • 5 embossed (tactile) dots to assist the visually-impaired.

As the 1,000-piso polymer banknote starts to circulate, the current 1,000-piso paper banknote can still be used for payments and transactions.


Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)

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