Peru’s newest family of banknotes now has a new member: the 200-soles note, which was put into circulation in December 2023. The Central Reserve Bank of Peru launched a colourful new family of banknotes in 2021, starting with the 10 and 100 soles denominations and followed by the 20- and 50- soles banknotes in 2022.

A closer look at the 200-soles banknote

Like all banknotes in the series, the reverse side of this note is vertical in orientation. Also consistent with the other notes in this series, the 200-soles banknote measures 140 x 65 mm and is printed on paper.

The figure portrayed on the face of the banknote is the famous 20th Century painter Tulsa Tsuchiya Castillo.

Front Side

Back Side

The artwork on the back side of the note depicts Peru’s natural flora and fauna.

Some of the key security features of this banknote are: 

  • Intaglio printing
  • A see-through registry
  • A continuous register
  • A combination watermark
  • A windowed security thread
  • Features and patterns that are visible under UV and Infrared light.

Finally, just like all other members of this banknote family, the 200-soles note features tactile registrations to help the visually-impaired identify the note’s denomination.      


Central Reserve Bank of Peru

MRI Bankers’ Guide to Foreign Currency

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