Louisenthal is a leading manufacturer of banknote substrate, security papers and security features. Its products are globally recognised, and used by more than 100Êcentral banks and government ministries, including the ECB. Louisenthal also offers all-round security and service from the planning phase to the initial commissioning of production plants.

Louisenthal adopts a proven banknote architecture framework, integrating the full series of banknotes to be effective for the cash cycle. Its portfolio of innovative security and durability technologies is founded on products that are fit for circulation, and that meet the security and automation requirements of issuers, the commercial sector and the public.

Securitisation starts with instantly recognisable features, and substrate-embedded security begins with publically endorsed watermarks. To raise security for higher denominations, threads and foil stripes showing optically variable and dynamic effects are available. These can be enhanced for machine readability.

Durability is also critical as the cash cycle places demands on different denominations. Hybridª, LongLifeª and cotton banknotes are integrated banknote solutions meeting the diverse needs for market, transaction and savings notes.

Louisenthal has two production sites: one in Gmund at Lake Tegernsee (paper and foils), and one in Kšnigstein near Dresden (paper), and is a subsidiary of the German technology company Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology GmbH.

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