Hyosung has integrated its self-service ATMs with Fujitsu palm vein biometric authentication technology to increase security.

The South Korean company says by integrating Fujitsu’s PalmSecure Technology, its ATMs will no longer rely on physical ID forms, passwords or PINs.

Hyosung says the technology is contactless and more hygienic when compared to other biometric technologies.

To read the palm vein patterns under the skin, users hold their hand above the sensor for authentication.

A near-infrared light registers the palm vein pattern and sensor encrypts the data.

Biometric Update explains the data is then sent to the processor where it is converted to a biometric template and creates an individual key.

Hyosung claims PalmSecure is superior to finger vein authentication because external factors such as abrasions, hair, skin conditions, and water or lotions do not affect recognition accuracy.

The devices that have been upgraded with biometric technology are Hyosung’s MX8200QTN, MX8200QT, and MX8800 branch transformation self-service devices, and the 7800 series and 8300 series ATMs.

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