To facilitate Pakistan’s labour community working abroad, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced that the passport validity will be extended from five to ten years without any extra fee.

As reported by Khaleej Times, this decision will apply from January 1 and the new passport will be issued at the same costs as the current passport.

The Minister explained that this is a gift from Prime Minister Imran Khan, and is meant for the entire labour community.

As the facility only applies for workers, the new rule is not applicable on an official red passport.

The minister further said, that from the 28th of April 2021 a new e-passport will be launched to help improve document security.

Also an express service will begin across the country so that it is possible to deliver passports to citizens at home. This facility has already started in Islamabad and will soon be available in Rawalpindi.

To inform passport holders when their passport expires an SMS service has been started. Passport holders will be informed six months before their passport expires.

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