Orell FŸssli Security Printing

Orell Füssli is a world leader in security printing and produces banknotes, identity documents and securities


Founded in 1519, orell fŸssli security printing ltd is a leading provider of security technologies, security products and solutions for identifications documents and systems, banknotes, and secure documents. The company began printing securities as early as 1827 and has been supplying banknotes incorporating state-of-the-art security technology to the Swiss National Bank since 1911. Since then, orell fŸssli security printing ltd has continually tested technical innovations and developed unique new techniques and security features. Their in-depth knowledge allows them to offer their customers the full range of products and services, from basic concept to the design and printing of banknotes. To respond to the increasing demand for sophisticated security and to apply to all business areas the synergies of their vast knowledge and expertise as a high-security printer, they constantly strive to be at the competitive edge and provide innovative solutions with a distinctive and unique identity. With its superb infrastructure, orell fŸssli security printing ltd can fully exploit all security printing technologies either on paper, polymer or durasafe substrates.
Banknotes must meet the highest security standards, and the development, production and issuing of banknotes has become a complex and demanding task. Since orell fŸssli security printing ltd know how to meet these standards in a customised way, they are the ideal partner for such projects.

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