Idemia and the state of Oklahoma have announced the launch of the next generation of Oklahoma’s mobile driver’s license (mDL) app, a digital version of the state’s driving license. The app builds on the state’s existing Mobile ID platform. While this new generation app includes several new uses, its most notable feature is the REAL ID pre-enrollment function.

Holders can use updated app to pre-apply for REAL ID

With the newest version of Oklahoma’s mobile ID app, users can start their REAL ID application from home. The updated app has a new feature that allows the holder to upload the documents needed to get a Real ID credential, before he or she goes to an in-person appointment at a DPS office. 

According to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Mobile ID allows individuals to jumpstart their application for REAL ID by entering required data and using their phones to scan required documents (such as a Social Security card). They can then submit the documents directly to DPS through the app. The individual then completes his or her application during a brief in-person visit at a DPS office. (They still need to take those documents to the appointment, for quick verification.) Pre-enrollment can reduce the time spent on an in-person appointment by up to 40%. 28,000 Oklahomans have already downloaded the updated app and have uploaded the documents required to obtain their Real ID credentials.

 Advantages of the Mobile ID

Idemia points out several advantages of having an Oklahoma Mobile ID. Aside from the convenience of not having to carry a physical driver’s license, a Mobile ID offers:

  • Privacy controls. Digital driver’s licenses give the holder greater privacy control. With an ID on his or her smartphone, the holder can verify his or her identity online but limit what personal information to send to a business or government agency. Personal information is stored only on the phone and at the DPS; no information is stored on the cloud.
  • Security features. The app can only be accessed through security features such as the holder’s fingerprint or facial verification. This prevents unauthorized access to one’s personal data.

In recent years, several U.S. states have conducted pilot programs of digital driver’s licenses, due to the enhanced security and convenience they offer. In 2019 Idemia developed the first digital IDs for Oklahoma and Colorado. Oklahoma was the first state to fully implement a mobile ID.

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