On March 11, BankID, Norway’s largest digital identity provider, launched a new solution for customers who use the BankID mobile app. Users can now scan their passports or national ID cards into the BankID mobile app, along with their biometrics for comparison with the ID document, to create a digital ID on their smartphone. Fingerprints or face biometrics, or a PIN, are used to activate the ID; users then use one of those factors to log into their BankID app.

Where is the BankID mobile ID app accepted?

The BankID mobile ID app is now accepted as proof of identity throughout Norway at post offices (Posten) and Vinmonopolet, a government-owned alcoholic beverages retailer.

BankID hopes that many more establishments will come to accept the digital ID as a complete proof of identity. There is tremendous potential for Norwegian pharmacies to accept the new app as proof of identity when customers pick up prescription medicine. (Norwegians can already use their driver’s license app as proof of identity at pharmacies.)

A similar story from the UK

In a similar move back in 2021, the Post Office in the UK teamed up with Yoti, a digital ID software company, to expand into the identity services market by offering a free app that combines customers’ personal data and biometrics to create a secure, reusable ID on their smartphone. Today the app is accepted as proof of identity at post offices and for job and rental applications, as well as for age verification purposes.

A brief history of Norway’s BankID

According to Tek.no, Norway’s BankID was developed by the predecessor organizations to financial services group Finans Norge, and runs on central Public Key Infrastructure operated by Nets. Since November 2023, the app has been used by 1.5 million people to activate their biometrics. Around 7,000 businesses, authorities, and organizations offer BankID for identification and signing.


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