Norway’s new 1000-krone banknotes were released this week, meaning that the new banknote series is now complete.

According to the country’s central bank, Norges Bank, the design follows the nautical theme of designs issued since 2017.

All the new bills are characterised by the nautical motif and will have pictures rather than portraits.

Obverse side (Photo: Norges Bank)

The maritime designs were chosen after a competition held in 2014 for a new banknote design.

The designs were inspired by the concepts “the sea brings us out” and “the sea gives us food.”

Lief Veggum, Norges Bank’s director of cash payments, said that the old version of the 1000-krone note can still be used for one year.

“Norges Bank is then obliged to exchange the old banknote for at least the next ten years.”

Reverse side (Photo: Norges Bank)

Although the usage of the 1000-krone banknote has become smaller in the last years, it still remains an important part of the currency system.

“It should be possible to make payments without having to use unnecessary banknotes, or to receive too bills as change. Our assessment is that five denominations, with 50 as the lowest and 1,000 as the highest is the most appropriate,” Veggum said.

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