Danske Bank is planning to introduce a new polymer £20 note into circulation this month.

Irish News reports consumers can still use the existing paper £20 note, but these will be gradually phased out.

The introduction of the new banknote on July 20 comes after Danske Bank launched the new £10 polymer note in February 2019.

According to Danske Bank, the new £20 banknote will be slightly smaller than the paper version, but will have a similar design and still feature a portrait of Irish inventor Harry Ferguson.

Irish News reports there will be subtle colour and feature upgrades, including a see-through section, holographic foil and a tactile feature to help blind and partially-sighted people identify the value.

“In recent years the banking industry as a whole has been moving towards polymer notes as they are generally cleaner, harder to counterfeit and more hard-wearing than paper notes,” Nicola McCleery, Danske Bank’s Head of Transaction Banking, said.

“NI consumers are already used to using various denominations of polymer notes, and the time is now right to complement our polymer £10 note, with this £20 note.

“As we’ve kept our design quite similar to our paper note it will be easy for consumers to recognise it,” she added.

new £20

new £20

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